The 5-Step Process I Use to Plan & Conduct Usability Studies

Over the past 15 years, I have conducted more than 400 usability tests on types of sites and apps. Here is my process. My process for planning and conducting a usability study from start to finish includes 5 steps: Discovery Recruiting & Scheduling Script Development Facilitation Analysis & Findings Below is a brief overview of each … Continue reading “The 5-Step Process I Use to Plan & Conduct Usability Studies”

Nonprofit Workshop: “Overcoming Analysis Paralysis”

Next Friday morning, I will be speaking at the Nonprofit Communicators Workshop: “Overcoming Analysis Paralysis.” Note: This workshop took place Dec. 13, 2013. In this workshop, my co-presenter Kate Borman and I will be helping nonprofits develop an analytics framework, then provide practical advice on how to set up, manage and analyze a campaign using Google … Continue reading “Nonprofit Workshop: “Overcoming Analysis Paralysis””

How to Engage Your Users: Captioned Videos

While researching the latest in online form best practices and user research, I stumbled across a blog post about making forms accessible for deaf and hard of hearing users. I’m very familiar with how to make forms accessible for screen readers, but how in the world could a form not be audio accessible? Intrigued, I dug … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: Captioned Videos”

5 Examples of Photos in Megamenus

Done right, megamenus are an elegant way to display a ton of navigation. I have noticed lately that more and more companies are integrating photos into their megamenus as well. For users on tablets — or those who are just more visually-oriented — including images of your products, your product categories, your people, or your … Continue reading “5 Examples of Photos in Megamenus”

How to Engage Your Users: Professional Services Bios

Most of us have experienced health clinic websites that allow you to view the photos and bios of physicians – allowing you to select a doctor based on whichever criteria is most important to you (e.g., specialty, years of experience). What puzzles is me is why all companies who offer professional services don’t do the … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: Professional Services Bios”

What to Learn from Disney’s Relationship Marketing Mistakes

I am a huge fan of product finder tools — interactive experiences that ask prospects to assess their current situation or prioritize the features or benefits that are most important to them. Product finders are a smart way to simplify complex products and services, provide superior customer experience on your website and allow your company to … Continue reading “What to Learn from Disney’s Relationship Marketing Mistakes”

How to Engage Your Users: Location-Aware Experiences

Whenever I talked about location-aware technology to clients, Olive Garden was always my go-to website to demo how this feature works. Today, I was disappointed to find that this feature no longer has a prominent call-out on its home page, and is now buried on the “Find a Restaurant” page. Boo. Before I go too … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: Location-Aware Experiences”

How to Create More Engaging Forms

In the world of lead generation, forms are a necessary evil. But there is no need for them to be dreary. It’s time to put some fun into your forms. Yes, fun! Volkswagen could have easily listed every one of their vehicle models in a drop-down menu. But they didn’t. Instead they displayed every model … Continue reading “How to Create More Engaging Forms”

5 Ways to Improve Car Manufacturer Website Usability

For all their advancement in car safety, technology, design, and ability to make humorous commercials, car manufacturers have completely stalled when it comes to creating user-centered websites. Buying a Car Online: Not Fun Buying a brand new car was not as much fun as I thought it would be. In fact, it was decidedly un-fun. … Continue reading “5 Ways to Improve Car Manufacturer Website Usability”

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Content

When you think of “web content” do you immediately think of paragraphs of text? I’m guilty of this, too. Content in the form of text is a great way to provide information, but it’s not always the most user-friendly or approachable. It has one major drawback — you actually have to read it to understand it. … Continue reading “10 Ways to Amp Up Your Content”