10 Hacks for Writing Stronger Blog Posts & Web Pages

Here are the 10 things I do to help ensure I set myself up for success and write better content for the web.

How to Engage Your Users: Self-Diagnostic Tools

Can you help your customers self-diagnose whether they have a problem or which type of problem they are having? Both of the following examples are healthcare-related, but an online self-diagnostic tool could be used for almost anything.

Immediately Increase B2B Leads with this One Weird Trick

OK, it’s not really weird or a trick. But it works. If you want to increase leads, use a straightforward description of what your B2B company does and explain how you can help me do my job better.

How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio

You’ve been tasked to hire a user experience design contractor or consultant to help identify how to take your product or website to the next level. Maybe you’ve worked with a UX designer in the past or recognize the enormous value user-centered design brings to organizations like yours, but have never gone about finding and … Continue reading “How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio”

How to Create a Successful User Experience at Your Next Live Event

Whether you are designing a website, planning an email campaign, creating a Facebook contest, or hosting a live event — you are consciously or unconsciously creating an “experience.” User experience (UX) is the multi sensory summation of every customer interaction and it can greatly impact users’ emotional reactions. I recently met Susan Bordson for coffee (thank … Continue reading “How to Create a Successful User Experience at Your Next Live Event”

What Color Is Your “Free Trial” Button?

What color is your “free trial” or “free demo” button? Is it green? Since I started paying attention, I have noticed that green seems to be the predominant color among free trial CTAs. Do these web marketing managers know something we don’t? Have you tried A/B testing the color of this button on your site? … Continue reading “What Color Is Your “Free Trial” Button?”

How to Conduct Concept Tests Quickly & Cheaply

Not only can you use Verify for concept testing, but it also works reasonably well for quick unmoderated usability tests. Update: Sadly, Verify no longer exits. For a total of $1,594 ($1,470 for 294 Amazon.com gift cards + $75 for SurveyGizmo + $49 for Verify) I was able to learn several surprising results in a … Continue reading “How to Conduct Concept Tests Quickly & Cheaply”

You’re Invited to a Usability Study Demo [May 2, 2014]

If you’ve never watched a usability study before — or you want to show someone on your team (or boss!) the enormous value that usability testing can bring to your organization — you are invited to attend a usability demo Friday, May 2, 2014 at noon (CST). The usability demo will last one hour and is free. … Continue reading “You’re Invited to a Usability Study Demo [May 2, 2014]”

How to Engage Your Users: ROI Calculators

Right now, your prospective buyers are conducting in-depth research about you and your competitors — and your sales team are probably completely unaware.  A CEB research study of more than 1,400 B2B customers revealed that 57% of the purchase decision is made before a customer ever talks to a vendor. In this age of self-service, it’s more … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: ROI Calculators”

Why Isn’t My Marketing Campaign Performing Better?

You have a sizable e-mail list, a healthy paid search budget, your site is optimized for Google, and you’re building a strong following in social media. But despite your best effort, the number of new leads flowing in doesn’t reflect all of this initiative. If any of the following scenarios resonate with you… Less than … Continue reading “Why Isn’t My Marketing Campaign Performing Better?”