How Product Management & UX Work Together

Not all business problems are customer problems. (Customers couldn’t care less that you aren’t generating enough sales leads.) Not all customer problems are business problems. (A tech company probably doesn’t care that their app doesn’t work on a PalmPilot.) So, how do companies find the right problems to solve? They leverage product management and UX … Continue reading “How Product Management & UX Work Together”

What Separates Mid-Level UX Designers from Senior UX Designers?

What are the key differences between a junior, mid-level, and senior UX designer? I think most people agree that years of experience has little correlation with level of talent. Paired with the right mentor, grit, and tenacity, I can easily imagine a junior designer quickly becoming a star performer.

Museums Need a Customer Experience Revolution

UX is everywhere, even museums. Upon visiting my third museum during a recent trip to Washington DC, it struck me that museums don’t seem to be designed with CX principles in mind. As much as I enjoy learning about history, politics, and science — and exploring museums—I was mostly disappointed with my experiences. There were definitely … Continue reading “Museums Need a Customer Experience Revolution”

7 Ways to Improve the Usability of Your E-Books + Other PDFs

UX is everywhere, even in PDFs. When sharing a PDF online, it’s important to remember that a percentage of your audience will print it. Yes, PRINT. And the more useful and actionable the PDF, the more likely it will be printed and kept as a reference guide. Here are 7 ways to improve the usability of your PDFs … Continue reading “7 Ways to Improve the Usability of Your E-Books + Other PDFs”

UX-First Transactional Emails

No, it’s not an oxymoron to say “UX-first transactional emails.” It really is possible to make run-of-the-mill emails engaging AND reinforce your brand.

Steal These Mobile-First Content Patterns

Please steal these content patterns and use them on your website (or email templates). Usability and mobile-first thinking are built into every single one. Over the past several months, I’ve been thinking a lot about mobile-first content patterns—looking for top-notch examples and sketching ideas on paper. As a former (current?) journalist and writer, I am … Continue reading “Steal These Mobile-First Content Patterns”

An Alternative to the Hamburger Menu?

What is a GOOD alternative to the ubiquitous hamburger menu? Ahh… It’s difficult to find a mobile site that doesn’t use it. By alternative to the hamburger menu, I don’t mean what icon is a good replacement.

15 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Podcast

No one was more surprised than me to find out that podcasting is a… thing. Didn’t podcasting die out back in the mid-2000s? Whenever I conducted user interviews back then, NO ONE ever listened to podcasts. But then in 2014, I added the “do you listen to podcasts?” question back to my discussion guide template. … Continue reading “15 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Podcast”

How to Engage Your Users: Self-Diagnostic Tools

Can you help your customers self-diagnose whether they have a problem or which type of problem they are having? Both of the following examples are healthcare-related, but an online self-diagnostic tool could be used for almost anything.

How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio

You’ve been tasked to hire a user experience design contractor or consultant to help identify how to take your product or website to the next level. Maybe you’ve worked with a UX designer in the past or recognize the enormous value user-centered design brings to organizations like yours, but have never gone about finding and … Continue reading “How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio”