Can Empathy Be Measured?

Yes! There is actually more than one way to effectively measure empathy—and one way that is a waste of time.

4 Tips for Measuring Customer Problems

Customer problems erode your bottomline. Chip away at them using a human-centered approach to design solutions, and then continually measure performance using CES (customer effort score). If you’re not sure where or how to begin measuring the impact of design, I recommend starting with CES.

Can Design Be Measured? Design Metrics for Data-Driven Organizations

Sales. Orders. Average Order Value. Churn. What do all of these things have in common? They are all examples of metrics that companies obsessively measure. What’s a critical metric that more than half of companies aren’t tracking? Design.

How to Tie CX to Revenue

Companies obsessed with customer experience (CX) enjoy lower acquisition costs, deeper customer loyalty, reduced sales cycles, higher revenues, and many more benefits than their unobsessed counterparts. But not every company achieves rockstar status by investing in CX. Why not?

Redesigning Your Analytics Dashboard: Categorize Dashboard Interview Findings into Themes

After conducting a survey with your analytics dashboard user groups and interviewing all of your key dashboard stakeholders, next look for themes.

Redesigning Your Analytics Dashboard: Interview Your Dashboard Stakeholders to Uncover Pain Points + Questions

Conducting a survey about your website dashboard’s effectiveness will help you quantify its most useful information or shine a light on its biggest flaws, but the “why” will still be elusive… Why co-workers need certain data. Why they ignore other information. Just like the website itself—the deepest, most revealing insights will come from talking to real customers. In … Continue reading “Redesigning Your Analytics Dashboard: Interview Your Dashboard Stakeholders to Uncover Pain Points + Questions”

Redesigning Your Analytics Dashboard: Benchmark Your Web Analytics Dashboard’s Effectiveness

Just like your website, it’s critical to measure the performance of your analytics dashboard. Are people using it? Do people attain significant value from it?

Redesign Your Web Analytics Dashboard for Better Insights

Do you routinely use your analytics dashboard to make strategic and tactical decisions about your website? No? It might be time for a dashboard redesign.

How to Identify Actionable Business Insights

If you want to improve the usability of your website, increase revenue, decrease customer service costs, or change any other critical business metric—there is only one tried-and-true way. Acting on actionable insights.

What Color Is Your “Free Trial” Button?

What color is your “free trial” or “free demo” button? Is it green? Since I started paying attention, I have noticed that green seems to be the predominant color among free trial CTAs. Do these web marketing managers know something we don’t? Have you tried A/B testing the color of this button on your site? … Continue reading “What Color Is Your “Free Trial” Button?”