16 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way Conducting a 100-Person Focus Group in Zoom

Recently, I co-facilitated four 100-person focus groups using Zoom web conferencing software—and learned some lessons the hard way.  In case you’re wondering why someone would conduct a 100-person focus group in the first place… well, there were a couple unique reasons. We were under a very tight timeline to gather insights from a highly diverse … Continue reading “16 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way Conducting a 100-Person Focus Group in Zoom”

Evaluating UX Research Plans & Reports

Need to provide critical feedback on a UX research plan or UX findings report for a colleague? Or maybe, you’d like to self-assess your own work and improve your process? Below are some research plan and research report writing tips to get you started. UX Research Plan Writing Checklist Research Objective The background clearly articulates … Continue reading “Evaluating UX Research Plans & Reports”

When to Use Which UX Research Deliverable

UX research encompasses all types of research activities: user research, competitive research, stakeholder or subject matter expert interviews, audits, analytics, and other information sources—with the goal of helping organizations understand how to better serve their users. Think beyond the tradtional research report! Below is a list of UX research deliverables you can use to help … Continue reading “When to Use Which UX Research Deliverable”

Takeaways from My 2020 QRCA Conference Talk: UX Research Is Not a Synonym for Usability Testing

In January 2020, I spoke at the 2020 QRCA Conference in Austin, Texas. The name of my talk was “UX Research Is Not a Synonym for Usability Testing.” The inspiration for my talk actually came to me immediately while attending the 2019 conference… Sometimes when I introduced myself as a UX researcher to another qualitative … Continue reading “Takeaways from My 2020 QRCA Conference Talk: UX Research Is Not a Synonym for Usability Testing”

28 UX Research Deliverables

If you haven’t guessed by now, I love making lists. And as a maximizer, I’m always looking for new ways to grow as a researcher and strategist—whether it’s new research methods or techniques, reasons to invest in UX, or ways to communicate my research findings. Are you looking for ways to deliver research insights more … Continue reading “28 UX Research Deliverables”

Gain a Bird’s Eye View of the User Experience

Want to understand what the user experience is really like from the perspective of a customer? The data collected from web/app analytics, CES, VOC text analytics, video analytics, and session replays can show us where customer problems lie, but they don’t tell us why. To inform your design decisions with deep, in-context insights, there are … Continue reading “Gain a Bird’s Eye View of the User Experience”

Non-User Research Methods to Add to Your UX Research Toolbox

Surprise! Not all UX research methods include users. There are other ways to inspect or understand the user experience without observing or talking to people. Supplement your user research with the following.

Conduct Product Research for the Best Results

If you’re reading this, you likely already believe high quality, rigorous customer research is the most direct path to product success and business outcomes. Below are several research methods—beyond usability testing—product teams can use to build better, more successful products.

Case Study: UX Research & Strategy Proposal to Drive Revenue Growth

Each year, the QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association) holds a contest for its members to respond to a fictional RFP. I joined the QRCA in late 2018 and was unaware of the contest until the finalists presented their proposals at the January 2019 QRCA conference (which were all excellent!). At the conference, I met several … Continue reading “Case Study: UX Research & Strategy Proposal to Drive Revenue Growth”

28 Reasons to Invest in UX Research

A common misconception about UX research is that it only involves usability testing websites and apps. In reality, testing websites and products to ensure they’re easy to use is a very small part of the user research discipline. Instead, think of UX researchers as business strategists. They live at the intersection of customer needs and … Continue reading “28 Reasons to Invest in UX Research”