Strategies to Bring More Collaboration into Your Everyday Work

Earlier in my UX career, I used to dislike sketching on a whiteboard with a group of colleagues. I preferred working alone, making everything pixel-perfect on my screen and having complete and total control over my deliverable. I didn’t like the messiness or seemingly slower pace when working with others on the same deliverable—plus, ideas … Continue reading “Strategies to Bring More Collaboration into Your Everyday Work”

My Favorite UX & Non-UX Resources

An evolving list of my favorite books, videos, and podcasts that I have found helpful in my career: BOOKS “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon A little book of small ways to build momentum. One of my favorites: Don’t break the chain. Buy a giant calendar, then set out to complete the same challenge … Continue reading “My Favorite UX & Non-UX Resources”

UX Case Study: New Customer Onboarding Journey Map

My challenge: What types of support do new customers need in the first 90 days? My client wanted to understand their new customers’ frustrations, moments of delight, and overall experience in order to improve product adoption and self-service. My role in this project was lead researcher. The subsequent implementation phase was led by the client’s … Continue reading “UX Case Study: New Customer Onboarding Journey Map”

UX Case Study: Landing Page Trust Cues

Whenever I can, I experiment with new UX research methods and UX research share-outs. And every once in awhile… I discover an unexpected by-product during my experimentation. This time, I was pleased to uncover accessibility insights in addition to answering my original research question: “what makes a website trustworthy or credible?” Research Background So backing … Continue reading “UX Case Study: Landing Page Trust Cues”

UX Case Study: Online Appointment Web App

My challenge: Design an online appointment scheduling interface for a national photography company. Discovery activities: Define business requirements Research activities: Benchmark web analytics Conduct contextual inquiries Conduct comparative analysis Conduct usability tests UX design activities: Create use cases Create user flows Create annotated wireframes Create clickable prototype For this project, I primarily worked with a … Continue reading “UX Case Study: Online Appointment Web App”

How I Changed Careers from Journalist to UX Researcher

I became a UX strategist and researcher in my typical klutzy Kristine fashion — purely by accident. Oops. I discovered the journalist in me at a fairly young age — around 14 or 15. It seemed more interesting to me to tell others’ stories rather than make up my own. In high school, I had my sights … Continue reading “How I Changed Careers from Journalist to UX Researcher”

How I Find Work as a Freelance UX

The 2 questions I’m most frequently asked as a freelance UX professional are: “How do you get clients?” and “How do you sell UX to clients?” How Do I Get Clients? To answer the first question, I must confess that I don’t really have a strategy for finding new projects, but here are my best … Continue reading “How I Find Work as a Freelance UX”

What I’m Working On [February 2016]

Here is a quick peek at everything on my plate right now. Website Navigation Redesign Conducting a user research study to identify website objectives, online behaviors, online and offline content format preferences, and content needs in order to inform a new website navigation structure for one of my clients. Product Page Redesign Conducting multiple studies … Continue reading “What I’m Working On [February 2016]”

June UX Is Five Years Old

This post is dedicated to my dad, entrepreneur and business owner for the past 40 years. And now, newly retired. In those 40 years, I heard the harrowing stories during the “lean years” and witnessed first-hand the struggles, sacrifices, and heartache of being self-employed. And yet, I did it anyway — with eyes wide open and the willingness … Continue reading “June UX Is Five Years Old”

How 9 St. Olaf Alumni Got Their Start in the Web Industry

Dreaming of a career in the web industry – such as writing, online education, digital publishing, internet marketing, or user experience design? Here’s how 9 web professionals got their start. Since my résumé-coaching stint at a recent UXPA networking event, I’ve been giving more thought to the types of experiences college students, grads, and career … Continue reading “How 9 St. Olaf Alumni Got Their Start in the Web Industry”