What I’m Working On [February 2016]

Here is a quick peek at everything on my plate right now.

Website Navigation Redesign

Conducting a user research study to identify website objectives, online behaviors, online and offline content format preferences, and content needs in order to inform a new website navigation structure for one of my clients.

Product Page Redesign

Conducting multiple studies with customers, competitors, and client stakeholders to inform a product page redesign. I’ll be evaluating wayfinding, layout, and content requirements as well as concept testing proposed solutions.

I’ve been studying how other mobile sites solve navigation without using a hamburger menu. Here’s a nice one from Google:

Google - no hamburger

Product Positioning Strategy

Conducting a user research study to identify where and how my client’s innovative new product should be positioned on their website as well as what types of content and content formats would be most appealing as a lead magnet.

Customer Communication Strategy

Creating an executive report to communicate progress to-date, user research findings, competitor findings, and introduce a big opportunity for one of my clients.

Customer Experience Journey Map

Conducting a 3-month long diary study and phone interviews with a client’s new customers to understand their experiences, thoughts and feelings, pain points, and unmet meets in order to create a journey map and findings report.

3-Year Website Roadmap

Conducting an all-day workshop with client stakeholders to envision a longer view strategy for the website.

Home Page Strategy

Helping my client define user and business requirements along with a framework that includes a mobile-first approach, personalization, and persuasive design.

Mobile Research (Ongoing)

I’ve recently been invited to join a new task force to help better understand mobile customers’ behaviors, preferences, and needs as well as uncover how (and why) they differ from other devices.

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Author: Kristine Remer

Kristine Remer is a CX insights leader, UX researcher, and strategist in Minneapolis. She helps organizations drive significant business outcomes by finding and solving customer problems. She never misses the Minnesota State Fair and loves dark chocolate mochas, kayaking, escape rooms, and planning elaborate treasure hunts for her children.