From Words to Emotions: Use Storytelling to Transform CX

Humans love stories. We love them because they make it easier to learn and understand new ideas. We love them because they can evoke strong emotional responses and a sense of connection with others. We love them for the sheer entertainment. When taking a critical eye at your customer experience, how are you using storytelling … Continue readingFrom Words to Emotions: Use Storytelling to Transform CX

Predictive Analytics Can Revolutionize Your CX Strategy

Stop guessing what your customers want and start knowing with predictive analytics—the crystal ball to unlocking a next-level customer experience. Among marketing leaders, the benefit of predictive analytics is super obvious… Organizations have long used it to present product recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells to would-be buyers. Surprise! Predictive analytics can be transformational for CX leaders, … Continue reading “Predictive Analytics Can Revolutionize Your CX Strategy”

The Emotional Economy: Why Emotional Connections Drive Business Success

While most leaders understand the importance of meeting customer needs and expectations, many still don’t recognize the value of building emotional connections with customers. What do executives of CX-led organizations know that others don’t? They fully understand and have embraced the most fundamental aspect of customer experience: emotional engagement.

The Elephant in the Room: What’s Stopping Employees from Putting Customers First?

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” – Tony Hsieh (former CEO, Zappos) To be customer-centric, it is not enough to invest in VOC programs, journey mapping, and a brilliant team of UX designers. CX is a team sport that requires all employees—not just executives, department leaders, and CX … Continue reading “The Elephant in the Room: What’s Stopping Employees from Putting Customers First?”

Can Empathy Be Taught?

Scientists think so.  There’s evidence that empathy is both a trait and a state. People can be naturally empathic, just like some people are naturally creative, humble, or diplomatic. And good news… less empathic people can learn to get better at it.

What Is Empathy… Really?

Empathy pays. Caring deeply about your customers isn’t just the right thing to do—empathy is good business. Empirical research shows there is a direct correlation between employee empathy and business outcomes (e.g., profitability, customer satisfaction). Employees with high empathy are less likely to burnout (e.g., call out sick, quit, disengage). So what exactly is empathy? … Continue reading “What Is Empathy… Really?”

Designing Your CX Dream Team

I think we all agree? Every dimension of the customer experience needs attention. But who is responsible for pulling all the parts together into one cohesive, seamless experience? The digital advertising team is out finding leads. The sales team works on converting leads, while the email marketing team optimizes their nurture campaigns. But who is … Continue reading “Designing Your CX Dream Team”

How to Uncover Customers’ Problems

When optimizing your website, product, email program, or retail experience—think beyond A/B testing by continuously seeking new customer problems to solve. Gartner has proven that eliminating or reducing customer effort is the best way to improve customer loyalty.

How to Persuade Your Leaders to Invest in UX

What can you do when your boss or your organization’s leaders say “no” to design? An ongoing challenge shared by many UX professionals is getting the green light to move forward on a solution to improve the user experience. Believing UX is the right thing to do isn’t enough. As UX strategists, we must categorically … Continue reading “How to Persuade Your Leaders to Invest in UX”

24 Best Practices for Optimizing a Customer Lifecycle Communication Program

Your organization is supported by talented and passionate people who want to deliver the best possible customer communication. There’s a lot to say. You want customers to renew their subscription or buy more stuff. You’re responding to customer service and tech support questions. There are statuses, receipts, and acknowledgments to send. Satisfaction survey results to … Continue reading “24 Best Practices for Optimizing a Customer Lifecycle Communication Program”