Rethinking Retailer Customer Loyalty Programs

Do coupons and points create real customer loyalty? Or do they just teach customers to wait for discounts? Rather than building loyalty programs based on frequency or spend, more retailers should leverage the mountains of data they already have about their customers to create personalized in-store and online experiences. How might a clothing retailer orchestrate … Continue reading “Rethinking Retailer Customer Loyalty Programs”

Customer Journey Mapping in 5 Steps

A customer journey map (CJM) is a powerful communication tool. Like a user flow on steroids—a journey map visualizes the path a customer takes to get from point A to point B, their obstacles, thought process, emotions, and how or where they completed each activity. Here is my 5-step process for creating a research-based customer journey map:

Transform Your Current Marketing into Relationship Marketing

Social media is sometimes referred to as relationship marketing. That’s correct, but social is only part of the relationship marketing equation. To do relationship marketing well, think about it as a platform or system where all (or most) of your marketing tactics work together in harmony. Strike a balance between helping and selling.

Digitizing the Output of a Customer Journey Map Workshop

There is a customer journey mapping detail that no one seems to freely share… How in the world do you get the data from hundreds of sticky notes into an editable, digital document? Here’s how I did it.

The 5-Minute Website Strategy Blueprint

If you’ve traditionally mapped out your website strategy in an Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint deck, or oops, you haven’t ever formally done that before – then I’ve got a blueprint template to share with you that I think will intrigue you.

What to Learn from Lowe’s Relationship Marketing Mistakes

Today, Lowe’s drew the short straw for my latest relationship marketing case study. I chose Lowe’s because it is a retailer that I spend a lot of time in — second only to the grocery store and Target. Plus, I noticed some areas of opportunity. Even if your business isn’t in the home improvement industry, I’ve … Continue reading “What to Learn from Lowe’s Relationship Marketing Mistakes”

How to Hire & Get the Most from Your Content Marketing Firm

You’re sold on the idea of content marketing — that is, developing strategic, relevant content that provides value to your audience while driving a call to action. You know that it’s the right strategy for your business. You’re ready to put funding behind it, but maybe aren’t sure where to start, what it will really cost, or … Continue reading “How to Hire & Get the Most from Your Content Marketing Firm”

The 3 Types of Marketing Customers Love & the One They Hate

There is no perfect type of marketing. Either customers really love it, but marketing teams hate it. Or marketing teams love it, but customers hate it. Which marketing approach is the lesser evil…

Brainstorming: You’re Doing it Wrong

If it makes you feel better… I was doing it wrong, too.

Immediately Increase B2B Leads with this One Weird Trick

OK, it’s not really weird or a trick. But it works. If you want to increase leads, use a straightforward description of what your B2B company does and explain how you can help me do my job better.