Create a Business Case Using CX Research

Use rigorous customer research to build your business case and solve customer experience problems. Create a CX Business Case In building a business case for customer experience, I use the following template to demonstrate how I will answer critical business questions. What is the business question and which research method is best to answer that … Continue reading “Create a Business Case Using CX Research”

6 User Research Questions to Ask & Understand Your Sales Funnel

There are 6 types of user research questions I typically ask my clients’ customers (or prospective customers) when I’m trying to better understand the sales funnel — or just one part of it. These questions can be modified for all types of user research studies: Website Users B2B Customers In-Store Customers Buyer Personas Customer Journey Maps When … Continue reading “6 User Research Questions to Ask & Understand Your Sales Funnel”

UX Is Everywhere, Even in User Research

User experience surrounds us. It’s built into every communication, physical and digital product, and environment — whether we plan for it or not. It’s even built into less visible and less obvious interactions. UX is everywhere. As a UX researcher, I come in regular contact with my clients’ customers. I see and hear their frustrations, … Continue reading “UX Is Everywhere, Even in User Research”

Why Steve Jobs + Henry Ford Are Wrong

Whenever I hear someone (mistakenly) attribute Henry Ford to the quote “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said faster horses” or perpetuate Steve Job’s “Never rely on market research” ideology — it makes me sad. Just because these quotes are famous, it doesn’t make them true. User researchers do not ask people … Continue reading “Why Steve Jobs + Henry Ford Are Wrong”

The Pros + Cons of Using Google Docs for Diary Studies

To uncover deeper and more nuanced customer insights, one of my go-to research methods is the diary study. When conducting a usability study, phone interview, or online survey, I can only capture a specific point in time in the participant’s life. Alternatively, a diary study captures a richer view into what a customer is thinking and doing in the moment … Continue reading “The Pros + Cons of Using Google Docs for Diary Studies”

How I Plan User Research

Before conducting any type of user research — whether a usability study or phone interviews — it’s best to start at the very beginning. (Though probably never a UX researcher, Maria von Trapp had it exactly right.)  Creating a user research plan is a very good place to start. (I may have recently taken my family to … Continue reading “How I Plan User Research”

28 User Research Methods

How well do you know your customers? Do you know why customers ultimately chose you and not your competitor? Do you understand their purchase process? Who influences their decision? Where they hang out online? Why there? What problems keep them awake at night? Would they recommend you to a friend? Why not? Do they understand … Continue reading “28 User Research Methods”

Are You Collaborating with Your Customers?

One of the key tenets of relationship marketing is the “Feedback Loop.” That is, gather feedback from your customers, then implement their suggestions. Empathize with their woes, then roll up your sleeves to find solutions. A feedback loop can be implemented in a number of ways: Simple, Fast Ways to Gather Customer Feedback Online survey. … Continue reading “Are You Collaborating with Your Customers?”

How to Conduct Concept Tests Quickly & Cheaply

Not only can you use Verify for concept testing, but it also works reasonably well for quick unmoderated usability tests. Update: Sadly, Verify no longer exits. For a total of $1,594 ($1,470 for 294 gift cards + $75 for SurveyGizmo + $49 for Verify) I was able to learn several surprising results in a … Continue reading “How to Conduct Concept Tests Quickly & Cheaply”

Why Isn’t My Marketing Campaign Performing Better?

You have a sizable e-mail list, a healthy paid search budget, your site is optimized for Google, and you’re building a strong following in social media. But despite your best effort, the number of new leads flowing in doesn’t reflect all of this initiative. If any of the following scenarios resonate with you… Less than … Continue reading “Why Isn’t My Marketing Campaign Performing Better?”