What Color Is Your “Free Trial” Button?

What color is your “free trial” or “free demo” button? Is it green?

Since I started paying attention, I have noticed that green seems to be the predominant color among free trial CTAs. Do these web marketing managers know something we don’t?

Have you tried A/B testing the color of this button on your site? Does green work better, or does blue? What about orange?

If you do test it, please let me know the results via Twitter at @kristineremer.


Shopify.com header

OfficeSpace Software

Officespace.com header


Salesforce.com header


Olark.com header


Kayako.com header

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Author: Kristine Remer

Kristine Remer is a CX / UX researcher and strategist in Minneapolis. She helps drive significant business outcomes by finding and solving customer problems. When she's not creating customer journey maps and conducting diary studies, Kristine is either kayaking, trying new recipes, or acting silly with her house full of boys.