An Alternative to the Hamburger Menu?

What is a GOOD alternative to the ubiquitous hamburger menu? Ahh… It’s difficult to find a mobile site that doesn’t use it. By alternative to the hamburger menu, I don’t mean what icon is a good replacement.

15 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Podcast

No one was more surprised than me to find out that podcasting is a… thing. Didn’t podcasting die out back in the mid-2000s? Whenever I conducted user interviews back then, NO ONE ever listened to podcasts. But then in 2014, I added the “do you listen to podcasts?” question back to my discussion guide template. … Continue reading “15 Ways to Improve the UX of Your Podcast”

How to Engage Your Users: Self-Diagnostic Tools

Can you help your customers self-diagnose whether they have a problem or which type of problem they are having? Both of the following examples are healthcare-related, but an online self-diagnostic tool could be used for almost anything.

How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio

You’ve been tasked to hire a user experience design contractor or consultant to help identify how to take your product or website to the next level. Maybe you’ve worked with a UX designer in the past or recognize the enormous value user-centered design brings to organizations like yours, but have never gone about finding and … Continue reading “How to Evaluate a UX Designer’s Portfolio”

How to Engage Your Users: ROI Calculators

Right now, your prospective buyers are conducting in-depth research about you and your competitors — and your sales team are probably completely unaware.  A CEB research study of more than 1,400 B2B customers revealed that 57% of the purchase decision is made before a customer ever talks to a vendor. In this age of self-service, it’s more … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: ROI Calculators”

How to Engage Your Users: Captioned Videos

While researching the latest in online form best practices and user research, I stumbled across a blog post about making forms accessible for deaf and hard of hearing users. I’m very familiar with how to make forms accessible for screen readers, but how in the world could a form not be audio accessible? Intrigued, I dug … Continue reading “How to Engage Your Users: Captioned Videos”

5 Examples of Photos in Megamenus

Done right, megamenus are an elegant way to display a ton of navigation. I have noticed lately that more and more companies are integrating photos into their megamenus as well. For users on tablets — or those who are just more visually-oriented — including images of your products, your product categories, your people, or your … Continue reading “5 Examples of Photos in Megamenus”

How to Create More Engaging Forms

In the world of lead generation, forms are a necessary evil. But there is no need for them to be dreary. It’s time to put some fun into your forms. Yes, fun! Volkswagen could have easily listed every one of their vehicle models in a drop-down menu. But they didn’t. Instead they displayed every model … Continue reading “How to Create More Engaging Forms”

10 Ways to Amp Up Your Content

When you think of “web content” do you immediately think of paragraphs of text? I’m guilty of this, too. Content in the form of text is a great way to provide information, but it’s not always the most user-friendly or approachable. It has one major drawback — you actually have to read it to understand it. … Continue reading “10 Ways to Amp Up Your Content”

6 Ways I Would Improve the Usability of Etsy

UPDATE: I launched a shop on Etsy about 2 weeks after this post was published. A lot has changed on Etsy since this post was first written in 2012. I first discovered Etsy in 2006 and was immediately addicted despite my poor success rate of finding anything I actually wanted to buy. Here was my typical … Continue reading “6 Ways I Would Improve the Usability of Etsy”