How to Create More Engaging Forms

In the world of lead generation, forms are a necessary evil. But there is no need for them to be dreary.

It’s time to put some fun into your forms. Yes, fun!

Volkswagen could have easily listed every one of their vehicle models in a drop-down menu. But they didn’t. Instead they displayed every model as a thumbnail image. That’s a little more fun, right?


The British Heart Foundation took it a step further than Volkswagen, and created a cute little animation for each activity.

British Heart FoundationOther ways to de-drab your forms:

  • Sliders
  • Calendar pickers
  • Maps
  • Fun facts / educational tips
  • A competition (post a time clock and the average form completion time)

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Author: Kristine Remer

June UX is led by Kristine Remer, a CX / UX research and strategy consultant in Minneapolis. She helps companies drive significant business outcomes by finding and solving customer problems. When she's not creating customer journey maps and conducting diary studies, Kristine is either kayaking or watching her kids play soccer.