Cutting Out User Research Costs You Money

User research (that is, talking one-on-one with your target audience) ensures that your website requirements are aligned with your customers’ needs. In the long-run, user research saves time, reduces revisions and second-guessing, uncovers lost revenue opportunities and identifies wasted resources. It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing things because your competitors do them. … Continue reading “Cutting Out User Research Costs You Money”

6 Ways I Would Improve the Usability of Etsy

UPDATE: I launched a shop on Etsy about 2 weeks after this post was published. A lot has changed on Etsy since this post was first written in 2012. I first discovered Etsy in 2006 and was immediately addicted despite my poor success rate of finding anything I actually wanted to buy. Here was my typical … Continue reading “6 Ways I Would Improve the Usability of Etsy”