UX Word of the Day: Hypothesis Map

What’s a hypothesis map? How is it different from a customer journey map?

A hypothesis map is based on internal stakeholders’ input and assumptions. A customer journey map is based on customer research.

Hypothesis Map

hypothesis map

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

When to Use Which Map

If you have time and budget, I recommend creating both maps.

A hypothesis mapping workshop will help you gather internal stakeholders’ hypotheses, identify knowns and unknowns, and guide and inform your customer research plan.

Conducting research with customers will help you validate (or disprove) your assumptions, uncover new findings, and gain the insights you need to tell a deeper, more meaningful story about your customers’ journey.

To conduct customer research for a journey map, I typically recommend one or more of the following research methods:

  • Diary study
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Contextual inquiry study
  • Ethnography
  • Shop-along study
  • Co-creation workshop

Need help conducting a hypothesis mapping workshop or customer research?

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Author: Kristine Remer

Kristine Remer is a CX / UX researcher and strategist in Minneapolis. She helps drive significant business outcomes by finding and solving customer problems. When she's not creating customer journey maps and conducting diary studies, Kristine is either kayaking, trying new recipes, or acting silly with her house full of boys.