UX Word of the Day: Banner Blindness

People only see what they’re looking for. Unless it’s car keys. Or my eyeglasses. Getting people to see what’s right in front of their face is a universal problem. Both metaphorically and, in the case of websites, quite literally.

UX Word of the Day: Orientation

You are here. If you’ve ever traveled to another city, then you immediately understand the importance of knowing where you are relative to other things. And you probably know very well the anxiety — or fear — of feeling lost, confused, or disoriented in a strange city. Where is your hotel from where you’re standing? … Continue reading “UX Word of the Day: Orientation”

UX Word of the Day: Information Hierarchy

Unless they’re teenagers, people actually like being told what to do—or at minimum, where to begin. It creates confidence. It makes them comfortable. Here’s one simple UX concept that will immediately boost your audience’s confidence and help them feel good about your website or brand experience.

UX Word of the Day [Index]

Bookmark this page. As I add and define more UX ‘words of the day,’ I will include them here. Unable to find a comprehensive list of UX design terms (and for entirely selfish reasons), I am creating my own online dictionary. There is so much UX jargon, I can’t keep it all in my head anymore.

UX Word of the Day: User Goal

Is there a technical term for that? Why yes, yes there is.  UX has an enormous amount of jargon—so much so, that I have yet to find a comprehensive list. So today, I’m starting my own list of UX design concepts in this new blog series called, “UX Word of the Day.”