3 Tips for More Successful Prototype Testing

One of the best uses of limited development dollars is to usability test a prototype as early as possible. Test too early in the design process — and participants may not fully understand what they’re looking at. Test too late — and you likely will trash quite a bit of work (and money). Here are … Continue reading “3 Tips for More Successful Prototype Testing”

UX Case Study: New Customer Onboarding Journey Map

My challenge: What types of support do new customers need in the first 90 days? My client wanted to understand their new customers’ frustrations, moments of delight, and overall experience in order to improve product adoption and self-service. My role in this project was lead researcher. The subsequent implementation phase was led by the client’s … Continue reading “UX Case Study: New Customer Onboarding Journey Map”

Tackle UX Research Questions Using Triangulation

Outlier or gold nugget? To reduce risk, ensure two (or more) UX research methods derive the same results. Tackle research questions using multiple perspectives and methods. TYPE: Attitudinal or Behavioral Attitudinal Research Attitudinal research helps you understand how customers FEEL about a problem, solution, or experience. Examples:Social Listening, Text Mining, Collage Study Behavioral Research Behavioral … Continue reading “Tackle UX Research Questions Using Triangulation”

When to Use Which UX Research Method

With more than 50 UX research methods available, when or where in the design process is the best place to use them? First, what does your organization or team want to learn more about? Discovery & exploration User behaviors Navigation Content & labeling Design Usability & validation UX metrics Innovation Discovery & Exploration Research goal: … Continue reading “When to Use Which UX Research Method”

Rethinking Retailer Customer Loyalty Programs

Do coupons and points create real customer loyalty? Or do they just teach customers to wait for discounts? Rather than building loyalty programs based on frequency or spend, more retailers should leverage the mountains of data they already have about their customers to create personalized in-store and online experiences. How might a clothing retailer orchestrate … Continue reading “Rethinking Retailer Customer Loyalty Programs”

UX Case Study: Landing Page Trust Cues

Whenever I can, I experiment with new UX research methods and UX research share-outs. And every once in awhile… I discover an unexpected by-product during my experimentation. This time, I was pleased to uncover accessibility insights in addition to answering my original research question: “what makes a website trustworthy or credible?” Research Background So backing … Continue reading “UX Case Study: Landing Page Trust Cues”

What to Do When A/B Testing No Longer Yields Results

Why aren’t people completing your lead gen form or buying? If you’ve been optimizing your landing pages and experimenting with marketing offers, but see flat or minimal gains, it might be time to talk to your audience and get inside their heads. There are several different ways to figure out why your landing page is … Continue reading “What to Do When A/B Testing No Longer Yields Results”

What Separates Mid-Level UX Designers from Senior UX Designers?

What are the key differences between a junior, mid-level, and senior UX designer? I think most people agree that years of experience has little correlation with level of talent. Paired with the right mentor, grit, and tenacity, I can easily imagine a junior designer quickly becoming a star performer. In examining this question, I’m less … Continue reading “What Separates Mid-Level UX Designers from Senior UX Designers?”

UX Case Study: Online Appointment Web App

My challenge: Design an online appointment scheduling interface for a national photography company. Discovery activities: Define business requirements Research activities: Benchmark web analytics Conduct contextual inquiries Conduct comparative analysis Conduct usability tests UX design activities: Create use cases Create user flows Create annotated wireframes Create clickable prototype For this project, I primarily worked with a … Continue reading “UX Case Study: Online Appointment Web App”