Know Your Customers

Hi, I’m Kristine Remer. I am a UX researcher & strategist who helps organizations uncover meaningful customer insights & measure the user experience.

Areas of Expertise 


Identify unknown problems or dissect known problems. 

Customer Experience

Learn how your customers think & behave. 


Discover your users' priorities, design site map & test wayfinding. 

Content & Labeling

Test the effectiveness of your content. 

Usability & Validation

Evaluate the user flow, findability, task completion rates, etc. 


Evaluate the design aesthetics & layout. 

UX Metrics

Measure your user experience with quantitative data. 


Think big & transform your 

customer experience. 

Research Outcomes

Empathy Pays

Caring deeply about your customers isn’t just the right thing to do — empathy is good business.


  • Growth
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy
  • Productivity

My Approach

Advocacy for Your Customers + ROI for Your Business

Process & Planning

Gathering illuminating and actionable data doesn’t happen by accident — it begins with a clearly defined roadmap.


I work with your team to design a well thought-out research plan that will unravel the business problem you want to solve.


Outlier or gold nugget? To reduce risk, ensure two (or more) UX research methods derive the same results.


I tackle research questions from multiple perspectives, such as customer observation, video diaries, business analytics, or competitive analysis.

End-to-End Evaluation

Create a pipeline of insights and measurement at all stages of the customer journey and design process.


I help organizations think multi-dimensionally about UX research — using diverse formative and summative research methods.

Customer Storytelling

Analytics show what customers DO. User research explains WHY.


I collaborate with your analysts to communicate the customer stories behind the data — and inspire action among your organization’s decision makers.

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